Sola Ceiling Fan

Short Answer: Yes and No...

Yes, a ceiling fan is a good choice in the bedroom. A ceiling fan will cool the room allowing for a more comfortable sleep. The air circulation provides many people with a feeling of fresh air and helps prevent the stuffy, staleness that can occur with the room sitting still all night. Selecting a good ceiling fan is important. The gentle white noise of a good ceiling fan moving air can be soothing and help reduce external sounds. 

  • Cool Comfortable Sleep
  • Fresh Air
  • Gentle White Noise



No, a ceiling fan is not a good choice in the bedroom for everyone. Ceiling fans will circulate the air. If the air in your home is dry, the circulation can dry out your nasal passages. Dust and pollen are also circulated. If you have allergies and your home is not equipped with an air cleaner, the ceiling fan will circulate these allergens and have a negative effect. Bad quality loud ceiling fans can create irritating noise that will keep you from enjoying your sleep.

  • Dry Air Circulation
  • Dust & Pollen 
  • Poor Quality Loud Fans



  A ceiling fan can be of benefit in the bedroom providing cooler temperatures and a comfortable sleep. It is not for everyone and you must weigh the benefits based on your own situation. Selecting a better quality ceiling fan will eliminate obnoxious noises. Regularly cleaning the blades will reduce the distribution of dust and allergens. Whatever you choose, we wish you all a great sleep!




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