A Dining room light serves many functions. This chandelier or pendant sets the style for the home, creates mood and ambiance and provides task lighting for activities at the table.

 What size should my dining room light be?

A dining room light can be sized based on the room dimension or based on the table size.

Chandelier by room size:

Measure the length and width of the room or dining area and add those figures together. The sum converted to inches will equal the right sized chandelier.

For example: 12' + 16' = 28'
28' when converted to inches = 28" diameter chandelier.

Chandelier by table size:

Measure the smaller dimension of the table. Take this width and deduct 12". This is the diameter of the chandelier appropriate for the table.

For example: Table 72" x 36"
36"-12" = 24" diameter chandelier


The bottom of the chandelier should sit 30-36 inches above the table top. 

Tip: Most lighting fixtures specify a height of the fixture alone. You still need to add the height of the canopy and a minimum amount of chain.

To Dim or not to Dim?

A dimmer is essential in a dining room. It sets the mood for the meal. Bright and cheery on a drab day. Soft and intimate for dinner for two. The ability to adjust the lighting level increases the functionality of the room. When selecting new LED bulb versions for re-lamping your fixture, beware of the compatibility of dimmers with the LED you purchase.



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